According to studies living by the sea promotes healthy living

Living by the sea promotes healthy life. It's no surprise that living by the sea is becoming increasingly popular. You can live a healthier life on the Costa Blanca in Spain, in one of the best European climates. Properties in Spain are excellent value.

Live by the sea or work until you drop?

Statistics suggest: That the number of people who have to retire early due to psychological illness increases constantly. Very soon every second early retirement will be the result of it. The main reasons are burnout, anxiety disorders and depressions. Is this the future of our working world? Would you prefer to work until you drop? Here some thoughts, how you would benefit from the power of the sea:

  • If you despair of your current working environment or you suffer from a burnout, you can find a new career with a job redirection. If you are able to find a job that you really enjoy, everything will be fine.
  • Holidays are there to recharge your batteries. Taking holidays by the sea in Spain help you to live a healthier life. To benefit more from your holidays, combine them with health programs or coaching about the art of living. By the sea you learn quickly how to experience healthy living. Ask for details.
  • As a knowledge worker or business person you can often choose the area where you live. Move to the sea, where you can work better and experience healthy living.
  • If you buy a bargain property by the sea in Spain, maybe you could soon exit your current working life and enjoy healthy living near to the sea. Ask for details.

According to studies, people feel better enjoying healthy living by the sea

Holidays by the sea promote well-being. The benefits are also perceptible by local residents. They are better off than those who live inland. Those who live by the coast, live healthier lives. These findings have been presented by researchers at the University of Exeter, who have analyzed the data from a British health study. In this study in 2001, among other health data, 48 million people were surveyed. The result was: you feel better living by the coast than anywhere else.

Living by the sea is healthier because…

Studies have demonstrated that people, who live by the sea, have better opportunities to be physically active. You can take long walks and have easy access to water sports. The Costa Blanca offers a range of leisure, sport and a mild Mediterranean climate allows you to enjoy a year around lifestyle (on average there are 320 sunny days a year).

You live healthier by the sea with less stress

The sea has a positive effect of reducing stress. You become calmer and are able to disconnect easily. A study from “Natural England” has also given evidence of the health benefits of the sea. Accordingly, after a visit to the coast, people feel calmer, more relaxed and more refreshed than if they are in the city or go out into the countryside.

Bracing climate: Why you can live healthier by the sea

Sun, salt water and wind: these factors make the climate near the sea so unique. There is a special climate at sea level. Experts call it the bracing climate. It is composed of the following factors wind, UV rays, salt, temperature and humidity. The air by the sea contains salt water droplets, which accumulate in the nasal passages and penetrate into the lungs. The salt mixture is also a stimulating factor through which mucus triggers the airways and allows you to breath deeper.

Healthy living near the sea thanks to vitamin D

Normally the sunlight UVB rays form about 90% of the vitamin D in the skin, which plays an important role in about 3000 genes. However, the UVB rays reach us only when the sun is 50 degrees or more. But in the North of Europe this it is no longer the case from the end of September until the end of March. Light therapies for skin diseases, tuberculosis, depression, multiple sclerosis, etc. have been used successfully for thousands of years. So why not just have long stay winter holidays from September to March in Spain to experience healthy living. 

Sunbeds; UVA rays are higher than the sun. This is a cancer risk! Avoid them.

Would you like to buy a villa in Spain by the sea for healthy living?

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We are confident that we can find the right property for you, so you can enjoy healthy living in your own dream property.

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