Jobs in Spain

Thanks to new ways of working and business models, it is possible to find interesting jobs in Spain.

Although the cost of living in Spain is lower than in many central and northern European countries. To live here, you still need an income from a pension or from a job. Would like to start a new life living and working in Spain?

Language skills are a prerequisite for finding employment in Spain

A reasonable level of English and Spanish are essential for finding jobs in Spain.

You can work in Spain without a work and residence permit

Citizens of EU countries can apply for jobs without a work or residence permit. You are only obliged to register your residence at the local Town Hall. The previously required "Tarjeta de Residencia" (residence permit) is no longer required. Nevertheless, it can be useful under certain circumstances, or even be required. Because if your annual income exceeds 20,000 euros, you are obliged to apply for the "Tarjeta de Residencia" because you have to submit an income tax return to the Spanish government.

Business coach for new business in Spain

It is important to be realistic about the earning opportunities in Spain. Traditional professions salaries are lower than in central and northern Europe. Therefore, many people prefer to become self-employed and develop their own businesses. A good business idea, well planned can be successful. If you have an idea we can offer you a feasibility study of the likely success of a new venture in Spain.

Live and work on the Costa Blanca

If you would you like to move to the Costa Blanca and begin a new career, we recommend that you contact one of our business advisers who can help you with the job search or advice on starting a new business. The best opportunities are for the self-employed.

Job offers in Spain

Job offers can be found in the major Spanish newspapers like El Pais and El Mundo, in the regional press and at the Spanish “job centre”.

Consult the following job boards for a job in Spain

Jobs in Spain can be found on the following platforms and job boards:

The Spanish “job centre”

Search engine for jobs in Spain

One of Spain's biggest online boards for


You can also consult the following online boards for Jobs

Or you can find a job through employment agencies

Even temporary employment from agencies play a significant role in the Spanish labor market. Here jobs are introduced for free in almost all industries. The addresses of the two biggest time-employment promoters are:

Live and work as self-employed person (Autónomo) on the Costa Blanca

Everyone who is self-employed in Spain, has to log in to the "Ministerio de Trabajo " (Ministry of Labour) and " Asuntos Sociales " (Office for Social Affairs). Every self-employed has to pay a social security contribution for health insurance, pension and unemployment. This is at least 225 euros per month.

Limit the risks with the establishment of a P.L.C (S.L)

If there are many risks in your business, we suggest you to form a S.L. It is a limited liability company and has the advantage that your liability is limited to the assets of the company. The required capital is about 3,000 euros. The sole shareholder company is permitted. There are some costs for legal advice, notary fees and registration in the commercial register, and a tax of 1% of the capital share.