Living in Spain by the sea

People from Central and Northern Europe dream of living in Spain by the sea. Living in Spain by the sea can increase your quality of life and health. But which sea?

In order to answer the question here are some facts: The sea is defined as the interconnected waters of the earth that surround the continents. It covers 71% of Earth's surface. About one-third of the world 's oceans are 4,000-5,000 metres deep. The sea therefore has a volume of 1.3 billion cubic metres and this accounts for 96.5 % of total world water resources ! Only 3.5 % of the total water reserve on earth is fresh water!

Marine flora produces oxygen, salt water strengthens the immune system

The marine flora produces about 70 % of the available oxygen in the atmosphere. Because of the high salt content of around 3.5 % sea water is not directly suitable for use as drinking and irrigation water. As a recent study by the University of Alicante (UA) published in collaboration with the pharmaceutical laboratory Quinton confirmed , salt water has properties that can activate the human immune system and strengthen it.

Living by the wrong sea can be risky

For example, living by the sea in Australia can be problematic for swimmers because of the sharks and other dangerous marine species. In no other sea in the world are there so many dangerous marine species. Also to avoid are coasts with risk of tsunamis and other hazards.

On the coasts of the Atlantic, high waves can devastate the coasts during storms. However on the Mediterranean coast this is barely noticeable, which makes living in Spain on the Costa Blanca the ideal choice for your new life in the sun.

Living in Spain by the Mediterranean sea

The coastal regions of Spain offer wonderful conditions for living by the sea, the great climate, the beautiful flora and fauna. The moderate daily temperatures and the low rainfall, this makes the Costa Blanca a paradise for people who want to live near the sea.

Average daily temperatures throughout the year

Costa Blanca  16  17  20 22  26  29 32  32  30 25  21  17

Average Rainfall days throughout the year

Costa Blanca  4  4  4  4  3  2  1  1  4  4  6  5

Living in Spain on the Costa Blanca, in Europe’s healing climate

If you suffer from rheumatic pains, breathing problems or skin disorders, in Spain on the Costa Blanca you will find the ideal conditions to improve your quality of life. As the sun shines almost every day, you will recharge your vitamin D batteries even in the winter. When you move to Spain, your new life will inspire you.

Living in Spain on the Costa Blanca, experience your own personal renaissance

Living in Spain on the Costa Blanca can be the opportunity for your personal renaissance. Because here on the Costa Blanca everything is just right:

  • Short flights to your home country
  • Excellent and cheap transport services
  • The best climate in Europe
  • Beautiful, safe and clean beaches
  • Excellent medical care
  • Friendly people
  • Spanish and international cuisine at low prices
  • Year around golf
  • Cheap sailing and boats
  • Lower cost of living

Living in Spain in your own home

Even during the financial crisis, buying a house by the sea was seen as a sound investment. Furthermore, you can create a second home in Spain, spend the winter and/or your retirement years. Now is the time to buy a holiday apartment or house on the Costa Blanca.

If you complete our search instructions form below, with details of your dream home, we will find it for you. Give your personal Renaissance a chance.

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