Your partner for long stay winter holidays in Spain

At the beginning of winter, the migratory birds gather for the flight south. They spend the winter in the mild Mediterranean climate. Have you ever considered the idea of doing the same?

More and more central and northern Europeans spend the winter season in the coastal resorts of the Costa Blanca. You can also enjoy the sunny climate and do your health a big favor.

Long stay winter holidays in Spain improve your health and your Golf handicap

Those who take long stay winter holidays here in Spain by the sea, live a healthier life. In particular, if you are struggling with breathing disorders (chronic bronchitis or asthma). You will experience less health problems during the winter months in Spain and travel back to your own country revitalised and relaxed. On the Costa Blanca, golfers can play golf the entire winter season with the mild climate.

Long stay winter holidays are on the top of the wish list of most people

Sun-seekers travel from all parts of Europe for a holiday in the sun and enjoy not only one of the healthiest climates in Europe but also beautiful, clean and safe bathing beaches.

When you spend your long stay winter holidays on the Costa Blanca, you can expect the best experiences of your life!

  • Beautiful golf courses
  • Friendly Spanish people
  • Excellent medical care
  • Spanish and international cuisine at low prices
  • Enjoy long walks and bike rides
  • Fishing, sailing

Long stay winter holidays on the Costa Blanca are good for your health, particularly for older people. The relaxed environment is a great aid for stress reduction. People who live here by the sea can look forward to living a longer and healthier life. 

Before you commit to a long winter holiday in Spain, we recommend that you rent an apartment or a villa for a week or two at a special price, to ensure that you are happy with the area and surroundings.

The dilemma – to buy or rent a property in Spain for long - stay winter holidays?

For someone who has holidayed in the sunny Spain, inevitably raises the question: should they rent again or is it worthwhile to buy a villa or apartment on the Costa Blanca?

Even during the financial crisis, buying a property by the sea was considered to be a sound investment. Furthermore you benefit from the advantages of having a holiday villa or apartment where you and your family can enjoy sun holidays. Your property is a blank canvass, you can introduce your own personality. The property can also be available for rent to provide you with a regular income.

Take your long stay winter holidays in your own dream villa in the sun. Invest in your health and quality of life

If you like the coastal area and the local environment of the Costa Blanca, we recommend you to buy an apartment or a villa.

If you love the Costa Blanca, and have thought about buying a villa in the sun. Tell us about your dream home. Your new life in the sun is waiting for you here in Spain!

We are confident that we can find the right property for you at the right price. 

Simply contact us. We will undertake “a without obligation property search” to match your requirements. Our business is your satisfaction.

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