Move to Spain, the Costa Blanca offers a healthier and happier life

Move to Spain and enjoy the best climate in Europe on the Costa Blanca. You can benefit from lower living costs. Moving to Spain allows you and your family to enjoy the sun and experience a happier life.

Move to Spain and live a healthier life on the sunny Costa Blanca

On the Costa Blanca, enjoy the healthier climate and also the safe and clean beaches. The healing powers of the sea has been known for centuries. People do not only benefit from numerous travel options to Spain, Alicante and San Javier aerports have frequent flights available from all parts of Europe but also from lower living costs than most other countries in Europe. Take a look at the daily temperatures and number of rainy days on the Costa Blanca.

Move to Spain for better quality of life on the Costa Blanca

If you would like to move to Spain, buy a house to enhance your quality of life and reduce your living costs? Then you should not hesitate. Prices have continued to fall during the last few years to a historic low. Now is the time to buy as prices are beginning to rise again. Contact us now. You can stay 2-3 nights for free in our Company Apartment with sea views.

Move to Spain: Living on a smaller budget

As we are living longer and pensions may not keep up with rising costs, it is important to consider the cost of living in the future. On the Costa Blanca you can live well on a smaller budget.

Move to Spain and enjoy life

Moving to Spain has many advantages: golfing in winter, sailing along the coast, many beautiful sandy beaches, charming scenery, friendly people, excellent transport links, high quality medical care, excellent restaurants and bars.

The culture of Spain

Spain has been influenced by several continents and it harbours a rich history. For example, from the year 771 until 1492, the Moors had been in the power and had strongly influenced Spain. The Iberian Peninsula became the main connection between Christian Europe and the Islamic world. Art, science, a great religious diversity makes Spain an attractive destination for those seeking culture.

Move to Spain: Take advantage from our experiences!

Take a holiday on the Costa Blanca. We have properties available, apartments or houses close to the beach. Ask us about moving to Spain. Our family moved to Spain 20 years ago. We could write a book from our memories. You can benefit from our experiences with a single conversation!

Move to Spain and find your ideal home

If you would like to move to Spain, we invite you to take a look at the selection of houses and apartments that we can recommend. If you want to view these properties, you can fly to Alicante airport, if you wish we can collect you from the airport and you can stay at no cost in our Company apartment with sea views.

If you are unable to find the ideal property form our selection of properties on our website, we invite you to provide us with details of your needs, we will activate a search for you from the thousands of properties available to find your dream property.

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